Thursday, March 27, 2008

Wednesday's diary on a Thursday 3.7

Yesterday was a funny old day. It got off to a promising enough start, because unusually I didn’t need to go to the loo as soon as I woke up. But then one or two things happened throughout the day, and it all went to pot after that. So for today’s WDOAT I’m going to go into a little more detail than usual. In the name of investigative blogging I’m going to fill in the blanks between my poos. I’m going to note what I was doing prior to each bowel movement in the hope it will provide some answers.
Wednesday 26th March:
For lunch I had spicy dumpling noodle soup from Itsu. Sprinkled over the top was a generous handful of sunflower seeds...
2pm Firmish stool, gassy
I receive a call from my mortgage broker. The mortgage provider wants to see all my tax returns. Urgently. I leave work early to retrieve the tax returns from the fire hazard that is my filing system...
4.15pm Firmish stool
England are about to kick off against France...
7.20pm Firmish stool, gassy

6 x Mesalazine 400mg
3 x Azathioprine 50mg
3 x Ferrous Sulphate 200mg

Comments: So, what, if anything caused my day to go awry? Was it the lunch from Itsu with all those pesky sunflower seeds? (Remember what happened to Mr Litvinenko after dining at Itsu?) Or did I fall foul of the meddling mortgage company? And what about the prospect of watching another poor England performance, could that have got my tummy in a twist? What would Holmes do in a case like this? He’d get to the bottom of it, I’m sure.