Thursday, November 5, 2009

Bloody Redgrave. Again

Sir Steve Redgrave may be a pretty useful oarsman, but he wouldn’t be much cop as a UC blogger.

In his book Inspired: Stories of Sporting Greatness he dedicates just 5 pages to his ulcerative colitis. But maybe he’s right to downplay his illness? Some of his success may be down to not giving his illness a bigger role than it deserves.

In one of the few passages in which he actually talks about UC he says this.

Both before and after the Olympics the colitis was hard to manage and sometimes excruciating, but for a ten-week window which culminated in Barcelona I was fine. That’s why I say it was only partly the medication that helped me to my third gold and Matt to his first. The other part was something I never fully understood, something along the lines of willpower. I don’t know whether stories of women finding the superhuman strength to lift ton-weight of cars to rescue their children are purely mythical. All I know is that I’m more prepared to believe them after the Barcelona Olympics.
It’s very interesting that he credits willpower. This ties in with everything Guy Cohen believes.

It also makes me wonder if blogging about ulcerative colitis, and therefore dedicating a sizeable chunk of my time to thinking about it, may actually be detrimental to my health?

Maybe it’s time I gave my UC a smaller role?