Thursday, May 14, 2009

Wednesday's diary on a Thursday 6.0

Wednesday 13th May:
7.20am Change bag

Breakfast 6 x mesalazine 400mg
Dinner 4 x azathioprine 50mg
Bedtime 6 x mesalazine 400mg

Dry skin on my face. A side effect of the medication?

As you can see, very little activity on the bag front yesterday. I put a new one on in the morning and then, well, that was it. A one bag day. Great for me, but really quite dull to read about. So if the changing of the bag isn’t quite cutting it entertainment-wise, let’s liven things up with The Changing of the Guard, a somewhat bizarre and whimsical hit for the Marquis of Kensington in 1967. And before you accuse this blog of self-indulgence and going off topic, there is a reference in the lyrics to a certain Lady Annabelle Barley’s belly. She sounds spiffing.

Contrary to belief, it is possible to sing with a plum in one's mouth.