Monday, July 23, 2007

Along came Craig

Along Came Polly is a thought provoking and sensitive portrayal of life with irritable bowel syndrome and deals sympathetically with the pitfalls of dating and having IBS. Nah, not really; Along Came Polly is a sappy romantic comedy that hijacks IBS for no other purpose than doing a load of gags about embarrassing bodily functions. And that’s fair enough by me. But having an illness like IBS can wreak havoc on your chances of finding love. In real life it’s not such a funny situation to be in, as this article from today’s Metro shows:

I’ve added Craig’s website to my Links. Fortunately I met my girlfriend before my ulcerative colitis really became a problem. We have discussed it though, and we both agree had I been in a flare up when we met the relationship may not have survived. So I can kind of understand Craig’s predicament. Personally I’m not convinced specifically matchmaking IBS sufferers with other IBS sufferers is all that necessary. Sounds like double trouble to me. But that’s just me, and I don’t know anything; I thought Along Came Polly was quite good. So best of luck to Craig and everyone who signs up with