Thursday, July 26, 2007

Wednesday's diary on a Thursday 0.2

Oh yes, it's that time again, a page of poo and pills fresh from the diary of my daily doings.
Wednesday 25th July:
4.55am Loose, gassy, heavy blood
6.35am Gassy, no stool, blood
8.15am Loose, gassy, light blood
10.55am Loose, gassy
2pm Loose, gassy
8.30pm Loose stool

6 x Mesalazine 400mg
4 x Prednisolone 5mg
2 x Predfoam squirts
1 x Ferrous Sulphate 200mg
2 x Calcium Carb 1.25g

Unfathomable day. Struggling to find any sort of pattern. Gurgling, uncomfortable tummy throughout most of the day.