Saturday, July 28, 2007

Greetings from Gilbert & George & me

Recently, and quite bizarrely, my life seems to have become somehow entwined with the artists, Gilbert and George. Since I started work in London's East End I see them everywhere. I pass them on the street most mornings. They go in the same greasy spoon cafe as me. Last week things came to head when George nodded and said goodbye to me as they left the cafe. I almost spat tea all over his smartly pressed suit in shock. So given this 'who's stalking who here?' situation it didn't really surprise me when I arrived in Munich to discover Gilbert and George have a large exhibition of their work showing at the Haus der Kunst. Obviously I had to go, so yesterday I went along to the art gallery and checked out the show. One of the first pieces I came across was the one above. It's like they were waiting to greet me. Of course I did have to use the rather impressive toilet facilities whilst I was there. And much to my relief neither Gilbert or George were on hand to dispense the toilet roll. But these days it wouldn't have been that unusual if they had.