Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Happy UCamper

This Easter I was lucky enough to do something I wouldn’t have been able to do last Easter. I spent the holiday weekend in caravan on the Isle of Wight. No ordinary caravan, either, but a state of the art, all mod cons, mobile home of the future. Well, state of the art in 1963 anyway. It was a vintage American Airstream caravan. And as cool as California as it was, complete with all its original fittings, the toilet on board was strictly out of bounds. Which meant to answer the call of nature I had to cross a field to use the portaloo. In all weathers, of course, because the good old fashioned British Bank Holiday can be a temperamental beast. This one was no different. We had it all; blue skies, rain, hail and snow. So when I did need a poo, it was a wellies on, hood up, mini Antarctic expedition. As Captain Oates said, I may be sometime. 12 months ago my holiday sightseeing would have been limited to the inside of the lav. But thankfully this year my ulcerative colitis is much more under control. There were no mad moonlight dashes, no waking the neighbouring campers with my fearsome bum-rumbles, and no getting frozen to the toilet seat. I’m happy to report everything went tickety-boo in the portaloo. It just goes to show how things can go from bad to good in a relatively short space of time. And for me Easter 2008 was totally relaxing and carefree in very 1963 kind of way.

Check out Vintage Vacations, I highly recommend it for a slightly different break away. (And Sasquatch, now you know where all your old trailers go.)