Monday, April 14, 2008

Some comfort

There comes a time in every ulcerative colitis sufferer’s life when the unremitting nature of the disease begins to get you down. You’ll find yourself at your lowest ebb, your spirits hit rock bottom and then you open the fridge to discover you’ve only got enough milk for about half a bowl of cereal. At moments like this it’s normal to feel a pang of despair. You may fall to your knees and howl at the light fittings in anguish. You will pound the floor with your fists and place your head in the washing machine and gnaw on the rubber door seal. Tears will cascade down your cheeks, as quick and as sorrowful as an executioner’s drum roll. You’ll put your hair in bunches using those twisty tie things and screw fusilli into each nostril. We’ve all been there. But in your darkest hour it’s important to remember one thing. You are not alone.