Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The Regular Ulcerative Colitis Poll One Person Voted Against, No.1 - The Results

According to official sources (NACC) the most common age of diagnosis for ulcerative colitis is between 10 and 40. And according to unofficial sources (me) diagnosis usually occurs on a Wednesday. Just after elevenses. The results of our poll would appear to reflect those findings. Okay, maybe not so much the Wednesday part. But 37% of people who voted were in their 20’s when they were diagnosed, followed by 22%, who were in their 30’s. These 2 groups made up the bulk of the voters, although interestingly more people were diagnosed in their 40’s and 50’s than those under 20. Of course these statistics are purely based on 49 people who happen to read this blog. Actually, make that 46. 3 of the voters said they don’t have UC. Enough with the numbers, my brain is beginning to unravel. What the poll does tell us though, is ulcerative colitis can pretty much strike at any age, but it tends to target those in their 20’s and 30’s. People in their prime, you could say. (No offence to the over 40’s.) Obviously there’s never a good time to get UC, but for me it seems particularly cruel to be hit with a chronic illness just when you’re trying to make your way in the world. A time when you’re just starting work or college, you’re mortgage and kid free and your only responsibility in life is making sure your best mate doesn’t get off with any munters. It’s not a great time to feel like you’re chained to the loo. Personally I feel lucky that my ulcerative colitis didn’t appear on the horizon until I was 33. I was fortunate enough to negotiate those formative years completely UC free. But no matter how old you are when you’re diagnosed with UC, it’s how you handle things after that’s important. I know one thing for sure, it made me start to act my age.