Thursday, February 14, 2008

Wednesday's diary on a Thursday 3.1

No more prednisolone. The pred has fled. Azathioprine and asacol are now on their own. Have they got what it takes? It reminds me of James Garner and Donald Pleasence in The Great Escape, where they steal the German plane and you think they’re going to make it to Switzerland, but then, with The Alps in sight the engine starts to splutter and they crash land at the feet of the enemy…okay, so it’s my second war film analogy in a week, but I do sometimes feel me and my pills are fighting a war. And just as every Christmas I urge The Scrounger and The Forger on to victory, I’m right behind azathioprine and asacol, too.
Wednesday 13th February:
615am Loose stool
1.35pm Small firmish pieces
6.30pm Loose stool, light blood mucus

6 x Mesalazine 400mg
3 x Azathioprine 50mg
3 x Ferrous Sulphate 200mg
2 x Calcium Carb 1.25g

Too early to tell how I'm doing without the pred, I guess.