Monday, March 9, 2009

Only me

On Monday 26th January I was admitted to hospital in an attempt to bring my grumbling ulcerative colitis under control.

It had some success and after six days I was allowed home.

Unfortunately once off the intravenous steroids things soon deteriorated.

I was going to the toilet ten plus times a day, three or four times during the night. It was exhausting and kept me under virtual house arrest. I’ve not been able to work so far this year.

So on Friday 20th February I was admitted to hospital for a second time.

This time the intravenous steroids had even less effect.

It soon became apparent surgery was very much on the cards. It was increasingly looking like the only option.

And on Friday 27th February that’s exactly what happened.

I went to theatre for an ileostomy.

Some time later, many, many wibbly-wobbly, woozy hours later I awoke to be told I’d had a colostomy instead.

Now I am learning to live with a stoma or colostomy bag or poo holster or whatever you want to call it.

I came home on Saturday 7th March.

Keeping this blog throughout my previous flare-ups really helped me keep sane, so I’m going start writing again. There’s a lot to talk about, and no doubt there’ll be a few ups and downs.

But hopefully it will prove to be the final chapter of my UC story.

If you’re new to Number Twos, welcome, and if you’re an old reader, glad to have you back.