Thursday, March 26, 2009

Wednesday's diary on a Thursday 5.4

Three bag changes a day seems to be about the average now. I can live with that. The leaks aren’t such a problem now I’m using a different type of bag. Mostly I catch them before any major damage is done or the smell gets too offensive. I have fleeting moments where I feel a bit hard done by, but I have to remind myself that before I had the operation I wasn’t able to work or go out, and now I can. I guess it’s all about looking for the positives.
Wednesday 25th March:
8am Change bag
12.30pm Change bag
6.40pm Change bag

Breakfast 6 x mesalazine 400mg, 2 x prednisolone 5mg, 2 x calcichew
Dinner 4 x azathioprine 50mg
Bedtime 6 x mesalazine 400mg

Down to 1 measly 5mg of prednisolone on Saturday. I might have boiled eggs to celebrate.