Thursday, March 19, 2009

Wednesday's diary on a Thursday 5.3

I’ve been living with the bag now for 3 weeks, and even though it can sometimes be a bit of a hassle, it’s a million times better than the pain, inconvenience and stress of a full on ulcerative colitis flare up. It feels like I’m back in control of my life.
Wednesday 18th March:
5.30am Empty bag
8.30am Change bag
11.20am Empty bag
3pm Empty bag
4.45pm Change bag

Breakfast 6 x mesalazine 400mg, 4 x prednisolone 5mg, 2 x calcichew
Dinner 4 x azathioprine 50mg
Bedtime 6 x mesalazine 400mg

Noticed that the mesalazine tablets often end up in the bag whole before they have been properly digested. Don't suppose that's such a good thing? Down to 4 prednisolone tablets now and will drop to 2 on Saturday.