Thursday, March 12, 2009

Wednesday's diary on a Thursday 5.2

I thought I’d continue Wednesday’s Diary on a Thursday, just to keep a record of my new toilet regime. Obviously now I have the bag things are different. My internal plumbing means I no longer poo in the normal way. The back door, so to speak, is no longer in use. But usually about once a day I do still feel the need to open my bowels. All that comes out is a very small amount of egg-white mucus and some putty coloured stuff. I’m told this is normal. There’s no pain, no urgency, I’m in control, and it’s all over in a jiffy. Which just leaves the emptying and changing of the bag. If the stool in the bag is loose enough I can simply empty it out the bottom, which takes no time at all. But if it’s more solid I have to change the bag and at the moment that might take me 10 minutes. As my confidence grows and with more practice I’m sure I can do it quicker. So, let’s have a look at WDOAT. How exciting.
Wednesday 11th March:
4am Empty bag
6.40am Bowel movement
9am Empty bag
2.30pm Change bag
3.40pm Empty bag
9.20pm Empty bag

Breakfast 6 x mesalazine 400mg, 6 x prednisolone 5mg, 2 x calcichew
Dinner 4 x azathioprine 50mg
Bedtime 6 x mesalazine 400mg

Now by contrast, these were my bowel movements on the Wednesday before surgery. A very different picture.
Wednesday 25th February:
3.20am Loose, blood
6am Watery, blood
7.50am Blood
10.20am Loose, blood
12.40pm Loose, blood
1.50pm Loose stool
3.30pm Loose stool
7.10pm Blood, mucus
9.45pm Blood, mucus