Friday, November 9, 2007

The ideal Xmas gift for the ulcerative colitis sufferer in your life

This is a bin for the bathroom, which holds your magazine for you whilst you read on the toilet. Which means you’re hands-free. So you can forget the whole archaic rigmarole of putting the magazine down on the floor for the wiping stage. Oh no my friends, this little chrome beauty means you can read and wipe at the same time. Read and wipe. At the same time. This is 21st Century living. I bet The Jetsons didn’t even have a bin like this. If there’s a bathroom bin, anywhere in the world, better suited to the needs of someone with ulcerative colitis, I want to see it. There won’t be one. This is it. This is the bin we’ve been waiting for. Bathroom waste disposal/reading aids don’t get more exciting than this. Speaking of bathroom bins with dual use, have you ever noticed how girls’ bathroom bins would make perfect nests? With all those fluffy cotton wool ball things, soft make up removing pads, scrunched up tissues and loose hair from the hairbrush, I reckon they’d be an ideal place for an Arctic Tern to snuggle up in.