Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Turn your loo into a library

When you spend as much time sitting on the toilet as I do, you will read anything to relieve the boredom. And I do mean anything. Shampoo labels, money off coupons on packs of toilet rolls, the washing instructions in your underpants, whatever you can clap your eyes on. On occasion I have even tried to decipher the cracks in the paintwork. Fortunately The Observer newspaper has come to the rescue of bog dwellers everywhere. Each month they have been giving away a little book of facts on various topics. So far I’ve collected The Observer Book of Scandal, The Observer Book of Money, The Observer Book of Rock and Pop and The Observer Book of Space. And what a sight for bored eyes they are. They’re perfect for reading on the toilet. Well designed, nicely proportioned, not too heavy and cram-packed with fascinating bite-sized nuggets of information. It’s trivia heaven, pub quiz gold dust. These tiny tomes will educate whilst you defecate. And for those who don’t read none too good, in the bottom right hand corner there’s always a flip-book style animation. Look out for them, every bathroom should have a set.